Dr. Young Park is the CEO of Attrasoft, Inc. He is responsible for the strategy of the company, business development, sales, and product development. He earned his Ph. D in MIS from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. and has previously worked for a number of major companies, including IBM, and developed many enterprise systems for major corporations.

Dr. Ying Liu is Attrasoft s founder, chairman, and CTO where he has managed the development of the Attrasoft business and technology. Dr. Liu earned his PhD in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1988, and a MS in Computer Science 1990 from University of South Carolina.

Brad Greenwald is Attrasoft s EVP of Business Development. Brad is responsible for Attrasoft business development, finance, and M&A activity. Mr. Greenwald s background is in technology, service and media companies including serving as Vice President with Time Warner Cable and WildBlue Communications. Mr. Greenwald earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Gina Porter is Attrasoft s VP/Marketing & Sales where she has been responsible for sales, company operations, and project management. Ms. Porter previously worked as a Program Director in project management for the Georgia State Government. She has managed product development and sales of the Attrasoft technology.

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