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Attrasoft Boltzmann Machine (ABM) for Windows 95/98 simulates two types of neural networks:

ABM 2.7:
  •  Nominated by PC Magazine for the 1996 Ziff-Davis Shareware Award;
  •  Simulates two powerful types of neural networks, the Boltzmann Machine and the Hopfield Model; 
  •  If it fails to recognize a pattern, one retraining will fix it;
  •  If you train with the wrong information by accident or by design, retraining will correct it;
  •  Can handle conflicting training data;
  •  Supports 1D and 2D translation, scaling, and rotation- symmetries;
  •  Works for any pattern recognition problem; 
  •  Supports up to 10,000 external neurons;
  •  Includes more than ten examples to walk you through, including one with more than 4,000 classes;
  •  Learns more than 4,000 characters in 20 seconds and recognizes one of the 4,000 characters in 0.5 seconds, a speed unachievable by humans;
  • ABM does not lose focus or clarity as the net gets larger.
ABM 2.7 will allow a maximum number of 10,000 external neurons to be used. There are two basic types of tasks we expect the software to perform:
1. Classification: Given a pattern, find its class;
2. Determine a Pattern: Given a classification and part of a pattern, complete the pattern.
There are several reasons you should choose ABM:
  • ABM is large: ABM supports up to 10,000 neurons. Customized software can increase the number of neurons to 1,000,000.
  • ABM is fast: ABM can learn more than 4,000 characters in 20 seconds and recognize one of the 4,000 characters in 0.5 seconds.
  • ABM is accurate: ABM can solve any problem (for example, image recognition, prediction of stock market and Internet image search engine).
  • ABM is neural-net-size invariant, i.e., you can encode a problem with a smaller net and a larger net; the results for the larger net is equally good as the smaller net.
Customized versions of the ABM are also available upon request.

ABM Application ===> see other products.

More Information:
    User's Guide and reference manual.

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ABM 2.7
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