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ImageFinder for Windows is an Off-the-Shelf Application Software that enables System Integrators, Solution Developers, and Individuals to quickly test their own Image Recognition ideas.

ImageFinder Suite software is commonly referred to as search-by-image software, which is sometimes referred to as reverse image search.

The ImageFinder Suite has the following components:


  • Search by image or reverse image search.

  • Whole image against Whole image search only.

  • User friendly (pre-trained), no parameters to be adjusted.

  • Search for an image from a folder in four clicks.

  • Download ImageFinderLite Demo here.



  • Not pre-trained; Training will done by user which opens up greater design possibilities, but increases the degree of difficulty.

  • Can be used for whole image search OR for cropped image segment search from a folder.

  • 100 open parameters for the user to adjust for their particular image type.

  • Enables System Integrators, Solution Developers, and Individuals to quickly test their own image recognition ideas.

  • Customization Available for 3000+ internal parameters, which the users have no access to at all.

  • To get maximum accuracy for a particular problem, customization will be required.

  • If you need a customized version, please contact

Do you need Image Recognition software for:

  • Verification (1:1 Matching)

  • Identification (1:N Matching)

  • Search

  • High Accuracy Rates

  • Fast Recognition Speed

  • Whole image search

  • Cropped image segment search

Attrasoft ImageFinder Suite provides you with software solutions you need.

Image Recognition technology will increasingly replace human labor in the form of:

  • Creating new products; or

  • Improving existing products/processes to increase productivity

This translates into saving man-hours, saving money, making more money with fewer resources, doing new things, and/or shorten service turnaround time. Applications are limited only by your imagination:

  • Biometrics

  • Video - Image Recognition

  • Content-Based Advertisement

  • Statistics Collection (advertisement statistics

  • Internet Audio-Visual Search Engine

  • Satellite Image Recognition (defense)

  • Cancer Detection (medical)

  • Content-base Image Retrieval (digital library)

  • Space Image Recognition (space exploration)

  • Object Detection (military)

  • Face Recognition, Fingerprints, Palm Prints (security locks & systems)

  • Stamp Recognition (post office)

  • Trademark Search

  • Real Time Event Detection

  • Forensic Identifications


ImageFinder does not have a demo. Several of its components have a demo:

ImageFinder User's Guide

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