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ImageFinderLite Download

Install the Software

Download the zip file. To install the software:
  • Unzip file, "", to a folder;
  • Click file, “ImageFinder Lite.exe”, in the folder to run.
The software requires an updated Windows to run.

To search for an image in a folder in your computer:
  • Select folder (Click “1” Button in the Toolbar)
  • Get Library Signatures (Click “2” button in the Toolbar)
  • Select Key (Click “3” Button in the Toolbar)
  • Search (Click “4” button in the Toolbar)
To see the results:
  • Click the “F” Button in the Results Panel ;
  • Click the “>” Button in the Results Panel .

ImageFinderLite for Windows is an Off-the-Shelf Application Software.

ImageFinderLite for Windows searches for an image from a folder in four clicks. The ImageFinderLite is the Windows version and the AttraSeek is the Internet version.

ImageFinderLite for Windows is the Windows version of

ImageFinderLite User's Guide


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