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MiniAttraseek searches your website via images, not keywords, which is commonly known as search by images or reverse image search for a single website.

  1. Product: Mini-AttraSeek

  2. Online Demo: Mini-AttraSeek

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1. Product: Mini-AttraSeek

Mini-AttraSeek is a image-recognition search engine for a single website, which searches a website via images, not keywords, commonly known as search by images or reverse image search for a single website for a single website.

Demo link:

You need Mini-Attraseek if:

  • you have thousands of images and have problems searching your web via keywords;

  • you want to find an exact match among thousands of similar images;

  • you want to find a product without knowing the name or ID of the product�


  • There are 70,000 wheel rims, so wheel rim can mean any one of 70,000 different patterns. The word, wheel rim, really does not tell you much, if your goal is to identify a specific wheel rim.

  • The same is true for:

    o Product images,
    o advertisements,
    o baseball cards,
    o passport images,
    o dinner plate patterns,
    o license plates including those from other countries,
    o engineering drawings,
    o graphs,
    o architectural designs,
    o maps,
    o document images,
    o trademarks,
    o logos,
    o etc.

Example of a Customized version of the Mini-Attraseek:

  • Pre-qualify images you allow to be uploaded to your website : prevent unauthorized images from being uploaded to your website.

  • Auto-Part images (or any of above list) need to be identified by a new untrained employee: Reduce your employee training time but still get auto-part accurately identified.

  • Etc.

Contact with your image problem.

2. Online Demo: Mini-AttraSeek

For a demo of AttraSeek, go to

To get a Test Image:

  • Click �Test Images�;

  • Choose any image on the list and save the image to your computer.

To make a Search:

  • Click the �Browse� button and select the image you just saved;

  • Click the �Upload� button;

  • Click the �Search� button.

3. Market Pain

Market Pain

  • Searching for Information with Keywords sometimes yields too many matches.

  • Employees cannot memorize large amounts of images (in the order of 1000); image identification in such cases takes a long time and will have many errors.

  • Some images, when described by keywords, will yield millions of results, producing low relevancy.

  • Some images cannot be accurately described by keywords.

  • Some images can be difficult to describe via keywords; for example, 70,000 car wheel rims styles, 2000 car doors styles, auto-parts, �

  • Some images can be mislabeled (human error or intentionally such as drivers licenses).

  • Keyword search does not group a specific image well in search results (similar images are separated by many images).

  • Automated image search to locate engineering drawings, graphs, architectural designs, maps, document images, logos, etc. are required in many applications.

  • Government / Law Firms need an automated search to identify Patent drawings / trademarks and more.

  • Assigning keywords to images can be labor intensive and expensive.

  • Both image index search and image direct search are required.

  • Etc.

4. AttraSeek Solutions : Direct Image Search Capability

  • Mini-AttraSeek is an image-recognition search engine which searches a website via images, not keywords, commonly known as search by image or reverse image search for a single website.

  • Searching for images with images yields more relevant results.

  • Searching for images with images is faster.

  • Keyword search is time consuming because you have to go through 20 pages of links.

5. Competitive Advantages

  • Fast, Accurate, Scalable to billions of Images.

  • AttraSeek fills a technology void.

  • Market Proven.

6. Mini-AttraSeek Hosting Service

� Maintaining the Mini-AttraSeek is a job. A customer might simply ask Attrsoft, Inc. to manage the entire image search engine.

7. Customized Mini-AttraSeek

  • Scale

  • Rotation

  • Translation

  • Flipping

  • Lighting Condition

  • Different Data Acquisition Devices (camera vs. scanner)

  • Catalog images vs. Operation images

  • Searching for an object in an image

  • Different Web Interface

  • Licensing the technology

Several Approaches to Image Variance:

  • Single Fingerprint (Off-The-Shelf)

  • Multiple Library Fingerprints (Customized)

  • Multiple Search Fingerprints (Customized)

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