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Predictor for Windows is an Off-the-Shelf Application Software.

Making decisions based on your projection of the future events is a way of life. Attrasoft Predictor is a tool for your data. It uses a sequence of numbers to predict the next row of numbers in line. It uses historical data to forecast future possibilities. It does not matter what you want to predict.

Attrasoft Predictor can be used for:

  • Predict Stock Market

  • Predict earnings and revenue of a company

  • Predict short term and long term interest rates

  • Predict commodity (gold, oil, corn,...) prices

  • Predict regional/worldwide price fluctuations for a particular merchandise item

  • Predict various indicators/indexes of the economy for strategic thinking and policy issues

  • Predict Dynamic Systems

  • Predict Markov Chains

  • Predict other complex systems

Customized versions of the Predictor are also available.

Predictor for Windows is user-friendly.

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