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Customer Quote: “We love Attrasoft.” Peter A. Andrell III, CTO, TNS Media Intelligence.

TNS Media Intelligence

TNS Media Intelligence is the leading provider of strategic advertising intelligence to advertisers, advertising agencies, and media properties. Established in 23 countries with more than 16,000 customers, TNS Media Intelligence is part of the TNS Group, ranked #2 worldwide in marketing information. TNS Media Intelligence monitors 3 million brands worldwide across a multitude of media, including TV, radio, print, the Internet, cinema and outdoor.

TNS has currently deployed customized Attrasoft's ImageFinder software into their US print media monitoring system with amazing results allowing them to free up over 100 employees and automate the image recognition & classification process of their print media ads.

Customer Quote: “We love Attrasoft.” Peter A. Andrell III, CTO, TNS Media Intelligence.

Attrasoft's Technology is in large-scale deployment with emphasis on speed, accuracy, and scalability. It has been deployed in TNS several years. TNS Media Intelligence was sold to WPP for $2.2 billion dollars with its core technology in print media.

Store Eyes

Store Eyes™ mission is to provide retailers and manufacturers “One View of the Truth” regarding in-store conditions to facilitate collaborative investment decisions and mutual trust. Store Eyes™ will do this by providing innovative in-store solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to dramatically improve joint compliance levels on their trade spending initiatives. Through timely and accurate data, available on a census level (not a small sample) retailers and manufacturers can take action to improve in-store conditions, thereby increasing sales and reducing cost.

Store Eyes™ patent pending system captures digital images within a retail environment multiple times per week to identify and process data relating to merchandising and shelf conditions. This data is reported back to retailers and manufacturers on a timely basis with the ability to view actual in-store conditions. Store Eyes™ has currently deployed customized Attrasoft's ImageFinder software into their monitoring system.

Case Data

High-profile clients like The Dow Chemical Company, ConocoPhillips, Toyota, Ford Motor Company, and nearly half of the nation's top law firms, rely and trust in CaseData's most advanced and best-of-class litigation technology services. CaseData continues to "lead the way" by developing, adapting and advancing new technology and processes to answer every challenge and completing every objective in the most masterful, effective, helpful way. CaseData developed a powerful database application complete with secure document exchange and comprehensive search and review functionality – giving their elite Fortune 50 and AmLaw 100 clientele, a major competitive advantage.

Case Data has deployed Attrasoft's ImageFinder software into their system to ferret out duplicated documents from their massive database, thus saving much needed computer memory space. In other words, Attrasoft's ImageFinder software uses it's image recognition algorithm to find exact document matches (i.e., not OCR) by treating the document as an image instead of a series of words.

Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia has been developing an automobile traffic control system to provide crucial traffic data. Sandia's system captures digital images triggered by moving vehicles and captures a still image of the vehicle. This data is reported back to the central control system for further analysis. Sandia has currently deployed customized Attrasoft's ImageFinder software into their vehicle identification system.

Large Government Contractor

As one of the world's Top 10 leading integrators of mail automation and material handling management systems, this contractor teams with postal providers such as the U.S. Postal Service and Britain's Royal Mail, direct-mail merchandisers and federal agencies with high-volume mail processing needs to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline processes, and
  • Reduce operational costs

This contractor's family of sophisticated and dependable automated sorting, sequencing and processing systems are designed to meet customer needs for incoming or outgoing mail processing and material handling applications. As a lead systems integrator working on complex engineering projects for government customers, this contractor has one of the mail industry's largest installed base of mail automation equipment with the U.S. Postal Service.

They purchased a pilot project for stamp recognition from Attrasoft. Attrasoft met and delivered all requirements for this project.

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