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What We Do

1. Single Site Image Search Engine:

a. It allows user to search your website using ‘images’ as the search criteria.
b. The product website is attraseek.com


2. Image Recognition:

a. Quickly identify the existence of a product image among many product images.
b. Search your hard drive using images as search criteria.
c. Customized Examples: ID wheel rims, stamps, plates, ships, healthcare products, laundry detergents, military applications, etc.
d. The product website is http://attrasoft.com/products_deeplearning.asp.


3. Object Detection within an Image:

a. Use QC images to determine good quality product vs bad quality product.
b. Customized Examples: toothbrush bristles, tire tread recognition, military


4. Video Object Detection:

a. Customized Examples: logos within a video, items within a video…
b. Visual recognition for trucks entering manufacturing facilities.
c. Match objects on video to objects in your custom database.


5. Video Search Engine allows you to:

a. Search the internet via video clips.
b. Search your hard drive via video clips.
c. Track down stolen content across a variety of video streaming "tube" sites.
d. Recognize watermarks on videos.
e. Identify digital fingerprints.
f. Customized.

6. Image Tagging:

a. Use Attrasoft deep learning software to tag images with several words (no programming).


7. Surveillance Video Analysis:

a. Quickly identify ‘activities’ on the surveillance tape;
b. Reduce viewing time by 95%.
c. Increase identification rate for your environment via automatic retraining.


8. Steganography:

a. Hide your important messages in images so you can store them safely and send/receive them safely.



Who Needs Attrasoft?

Market Pain

  • Searching for images and videos with Keywords covers only 5% of the total images and videos (IDC Whitepaper).

  • Searching for Information with Keywords sometimes yields too many matches.

  • Employees cannot memorize large amounts of images (in the order of 1000); image identification in such cases takes a long time and will have many errors.

  • Some images, when described by keywords, will yield millions of results, producing low relevancy.

  • Some images cannot be accurately described by keywords.

  • Some images can be difficult to describe via keywords; for example, 70,000 car wheel rims styles, 2000 car doors styles, …

  • Some images can be mislabeled (human error or intentionall).

  • Keyword search does not group images well in search results (similar images are separated by many images).

  • Automated image search to locate engineering drawings, graphs, architectural designs, maps, document images, logos, etc. are required in many applications.

  • Government / Law Firms need an automated search to identify Patent drawings / trademarks and more.

  • Assigning keywords to images can be labor intensive and expensive.

  • Both image index search and image direct search are required.

  • Etc.

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