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About VideoFinder

VideoFinder is Attrasoft's solution for video content owners and users. It enables video content owners such as:

  • media companies

  • production studios

  • video distributors

  • ...

to fingerprint, detect, and measure their video content as it appears on a variety of online sites.

VideoFinder takes inputs from video libraries and enables fast, easy creation of a video fingerprint library. The fingerprints in the library are then compared to fingerprints of videos pulled down from the web. Matches are presented side-by-side, along with their accuracy score, for verification and/ or further investigation

Uses for the VideoFinder solution are:

  • Anti-Piracy

  • Media Measurement

  • Content Monetization

  • Content Tracking

  • Content License Rights Verification

Potential Customers include:

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Movie Production Studios

  • Media Companies

  • Video Distribution Websites

  • Social Networking Websites

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VideoFinder is a Windows application.

VideoFinder eliminates the descriptive video word tagging process, which is used in the video identification process today.


  • Reduces your manual video search personnel by 90%.

  • Reduces the time required by the user to do the same image search with word descriptions by 50 % or more.

  • Eliminates the manual video tagging process by 99% or more.

  • Reduces user search time from 5 - 10 minutes to 5 - 60 seconds, which can increase productivity for companies where video search is critical. This is the result of razor sharp focus of video identification.

  • Provides for a wide range of applications for any video search need.

  • Gives confidence scores to aid user discernment of exact and similar matches.

  • Uses patent-pending algorithms to compare images to images without text descriptions.

  • Solves video tagging problems such as inaccurate tags, mislabeled tags, lacking proper details, and other human errors.

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"We love Attrasoft." Peter A. Andrell III, CTO, TNS Media Intelligence. TNS Media Intelligence is the leading provider of strategic advertising intelligence to advertisers, advertising agencies, and media properties. TNS has currently deployed customized Attrasoft ImageFinder software into their US magazine monitoring system and US newspaper monitoring system. Attrasoft Technology is in large-scale deployment with emphasis on speed, accuracy, and scalability. It has been deployed in TNS since 2/1/2005. TNS Media Intelligence was sold to WPP in 2008.


VideoFinder Suite has the following components:


  • Quickly finds a video clip at high speed;

  • Matches a newly obtained video clip against a pre-established library of video clips;

  • Searches 100,000 video clips per second or 100,000 hours of video clips per second;

  • Download VideoFinderLite DEMO below.


  • Searches for a cropped image segment from a folder of videos in three clicks.

  • Download VideoFinderSeg demo below.


  • Searches for a frame from a folder of videos in three clicks, or find a specific video using one frame of that video.

  • Download FrameFinder demo below.


  • Searches for a particular picture from live video. Given a valuable item, the VideoFinderLive will sound an alarm if it is removed.

  • Download VideoFinderLive demo below.


  • Home Video Surveillance Software;

  • See results of 10 hours of surveillance video in 10 seconds;

  • User friendly (pre-trained);

  • Download IFSurveillance demo below.


  • Is similar to VideoFinderLite, but works for *.flv flash video.

  • Download IFSurveillance demo below.


  • Is similar to VideoFinderSeg and FrameFinder, but works for *.flv flash video.


  • VideoFinderLite searches 100,000 video clips per second or 100,000 hours of videos clips per second, after key fingerprinting.

  • VideoFinder can search millions of video frames.

  • Is 100% accurate if the video frame or video clip is in the fingerprint database.

  • Can accommodate small variations.

  • Can accommodate larger variations with customization.


Demo below allows anyone to test the ease-and-use of the technology.

Download VideoFinderLite demo (Search for entire video clip as one unit.)!

Download FrameFinder demo (Search for frames)!

Download VideoFinderLive demo (Search for an image)!

Down VideoFinderSeg demo.

Download IFSurveillance demo.


We Guarantee to match every video frame in your video database against your database with 100% accuracy within seconds or no fee until we do.


The price depends on the size of the video signature library. Personal use costs less than commercial use:

  • Personal Use: 1X, 1 time.

  • Business use: 2X, annual subscription.

  • Resell the matching results: 4X, annual subscription.



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