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Attrasoft develops software solutions for companies that require

    Fast , Accurate Image & Video Recognition. 


Attrasoft simplifies the image recognition process by offering an alternative to traditional manual image comparison. By allowing the user to compare thousands of images automatically, Attrasoft’s solution reduces the time, cost, & human error associated with manual image recognition.

The company has developed proprietary technology that is robust, flexible, scalable, hardware independent, & can be customized for Any Image Type with 97.5% to 99.9% accuracy.

Currently, our target market is the Advertising & Auto Parts Industries.

Many companies need to identify thousands of images on a regular basis. In many cases they do this manually. They do not have the manpower to handle them. This is the driver to seek a solution with Attrasoft. We have done many relatively diverse image recognition applications over the past ten years.

Attrasoft offers a base technology rather than a finished product, so we continue to seek partners capable of marketing products incorporating our technology.  

Key Differentiators

Universal:                           Can be tuned for any image type.

High Accuracy Rates:     Can be customized to get 97.5%-99.9% accuracy.

Real Time:                          Can reach 100,000 to 1,000,000 matches per second depending upon processor speed.

Scalability:                         Can be scaled to any size database.

Matching: Multi-Search Ability:

    ImageFinder supports:

    1:1 Matching (Multiple Verification),

    1:N Matching (Identification or Search),

    N:N & N:M Matching (Multiple Identification)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Customized Solutions: 3000+ internal parameters tuned specifically for your application requirements.


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 Image Recognition Customized Designs

If you need to match hundreds of thousands of images manually, you need the versatility & strength of an Attrasoft Customized ImageFinder!

An Attrasoft Customized ImageFinder looks at the entire image for matching purposes - not just a selected few points, enabling more accurate & more effective results.

The customization opportunities are endless with a Customized ImageFinder!

Contact Attrasoft to discuss your application requirements for a Customized ImageFinder.

For a general customized procedure click the Customization link above or below.


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