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Attrasoft builds neural application software for: 

  • Trend prediction:
    • Stock market prediction
    • Predict earnings and revenue of a company 
    • Predict short term and long term interest rates 
    • Predict commodity (gold, oil, corn,...) prices 
    • Predict regional/worldwide price fluctuations for a particular merchandise item 
    • Predict various indicators/indexes of the economy for strategic thinking and policy issues 
    • Predict Dynamic Systems 
    • Predict Markov Chains 
    • Predict other complex systems 

    Decision Making:
    • Decide whether to grant a loan to a customer, student *
    • Decide whether a patient has cancer *, heart disease *, thyroid disease *, ...., or not
    • Decide whether to hire a person or not
    • Decide how likely a patient is going to get cancer, heart disease *, ....,
    • Decide the classification of avirus/bacteria within a group of virus/bacteria *. 
    • Decide how much a house *, a car *, a boat, ... , is worth
    • Decide whether your supervisors evaluate your employees fairly
    • Decide whether your system (electronics systems, computer network, retail store, sexual harassment situation) is healthy
    • Decide supermarket price predictability based on accumulated database
    • Decide which career a child should choose 
    • Decide the outcome of a random event, like a horse race, ...
    • Identify an item in Forensic Science *, ...
    •  ....
    * Examples with real data are in the software.
Attrasoft also builds the largest and the fastest neural networks and "digital nervous system" in the world. Our standard software consists of a network of 10,000 digital nervous units, the neurons. Customized neural nets can be enlarged up to 1,000,000 neurons. 


How can we help you ?

Image Search/Recognition

1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, ... the number of images keeps growing ... 

Attrasoft can solve all your image search problem. Who is our competition? humans !!!!?

ImageFinder can look through 1,000,000 images per day per CPU, just slightly faster than your employees. 

We save you time, we save you money.

Data Mining

Computers have been everywhere. After using computers for 30 years, people demand more and more. For example, one day a director of a supermarket wholesaler asks his information officer, "after collecting 30 years of data, can you tell me the price of soybeans 3 months from now?" His information officer said "No, our database software does not have that ability". You probably can think of many questions like this. Do you really want that ability?  ... Predictor and DecisionMaker will give you that ability today. 

  • Do you need content-based image retrieval for your database/web server?
  • Are you developing a very big data Warehouse for a large organization of chain stores?
  • Do you need the ability to predict the future price of a product?
  • Do you need a Digital Nervous System which will recognize an image or retrieve images from a massive image databank? (security system, for example)
  • Do you need to make strategic business predictions but you feel overwhelmed by your massive storage of information in your database?
  • Do you need a powerful neural net on which to build a new company product?
  • Are you an Internet Search Engine Company who plans to add key-image-based search?
Attrasoft can provide the customized software to solve all your headaches.
Products Home Page User's Guide Example
Attrasoft ImageFinder Content-based image retrieval/search, image verification, identification, and classifications. Example
Attrasoft VideoFinder Recognizing an object in a video;  Time an object starts to appear; Count the number of frames in which the object appears Example
ImageFinder for Dos ImageFinder for Dos is a quick and easy programming tool.  Example
Attrasoft PolyApplet Attrasoft Matching Engine (AME) level programming tool Example
Attrasoft TransApplet Progamming tool for image identification, verification, search, classification  Example
AttraID Image recognition with a camera Example
Attrasoft Predictor (v2.60) Predicts Stock Market. Example
Attrasoft PredictorPro (v2.80) Predicts Stock Market. Example
Attrasoft PolyNet (v4.00) Simulates Polytomous Boltzmann machine  Example
Attrasoft MidiFinder (v4.30) Search for sound based on sample sound. Example
DecisionMaker for Windows 95/98 (v2.50) Making decisions based on massive database, and predicts/forecasts events. Example
Attrasoft ChartFinder Search Charts, classify charts Example
ABM (Attrasoft Boltzmann Machine) (v2.70) Simulates neural networks (Binary Boltzmann Machine). Example

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