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January, 2006 (abm65) 
ImageHunt 6.0
October, 2004 (abm64)
Programming Tool:        PolyApplet 6.0
PolyApplet 6.0,               User's Guide
September, 2004 (abm63)
TransApplet 6.0
TransApplet 6.0 User's Guide

July, 2004: (abm61)

ImageFinder for Dos 6.0 

May, 2004 (abm60)

March, 2004 (abm59b)

FaceFinder 1.1 
FaceFinder 1.1 User's Guide 
February, 2004 (abm59)
DocumentFinder 1.1 
DocumentFinder 1.1 User's Guide 
October, 2003 (abm58)
ImageExaminer 5.8 
ImageExaminer 5.8 User's Guide 
August, 2003: (abm57)
Attrasoft AttraScan 1.3
AttraScan 1.3 User's Guide
July, 2003: (abm57)
Attrasoft AttraScan 1.1
AttraScan 1.1 User's Guide
April 2003: (abm56)
ImageFinder for Dos 5.4
March 2003: (abm55) December, 2002: 
Attrasoft AttraID 1.1
AttraID 1.1 User's Guide
November, 2002 (abm54)
ImageFinder 5.4 
ImageFinder                   User's Guide
October, 2002
ImageFinder for Dos, 5.3 
ImageFinder for Dos,    User's Guide
September, 2002
ImageFinder 5.3 
ImageFinder                   User's Guide
March, 2002
ImageFinder 5.2 
ImageFinder                   User's Guide
December, 2001
Programming API:        Image Verification and   Identification API
November, 2001
Programming Tool:       TransApplet 5.1
TransApplet 5.1,            User's Guide
October, 2001
Programming Tool:        PolyApplet 5.0
PolyApplet 5.0,               User's Guide
September, 2001
PredictorPro 2.8
PredictorPro 2.8             User's Guide
July, 2001
ImageFinder 4.9
ImageFinder                   User's Guide
May, 2001
ImageFinder 4.8
ImageFinder                   User's Guide
March, 2001
ChartFinder 4.7
ChartFinder                     User's Guide
November, 2000
ImageFinder 4.6
ImageFinder                     User's Guide
May, 2000
ImageFinder 4.5
ImageFinder                     User's Guide
March, 2000
ImageFinder 4.4
ImageFinder                     User's Guide
February, 2000
Attrasoft MidiFinder 4.3, Content-based Sound Recognition, Retrieval

User's Guide and Reference Manual (MidiFinder)

November, 1999
Attrasoft PolyApplet 4.1 (Customized versions Only)

User's Guide

October, 1999
Attrasoft ImageFinder 4.2
User's Guide

July, 1999

Attrasoft PolyNet 4.0, 

April, 1999

Internet Image Search Engine

January, 1999

Attrasoft ABM 2.7,                          ($94.99 + $5.00 S&H)
User's Guide
December, 1998
Attrasoft Predictor 2.6,                      ($94.99 + $5.00 S&H)
User's Guide
October, 1998
Attrasoft DecisionMaker 2.5,            ($114.99 + $5.00 S&H)
User's Guide
August, 1998
Attrasoft ImageFinder3.4
User's Guide and Reference Manual

July, 1998

Attrasoft Internet ImageFinder3.3
User's Guide and Reference Manual

Products Home Page User's Guide Example
Attrasoft ImageFinder Content-based image retrieval/search, image verification, identification, and classifications. Example
Attrasoft VideoFinder Recognizing an object in a video;  Time an object starts to appear; Count the number of frames in which the object appears Example
ImageFinder for Dos ImageFinder for Dos is a quick and easy programming tool.  Example
Attrasoft PolyApplet Attrasoft Matching Engine (AME) level programming tool Example
Attrasoft TransApplet Progamming tool for image identification, verification, search, classification  Example
AttraID Image recognition with a camera Example
Attrasoft Predictor (v2.60) Predicts Stock Market. Example
Attrasoft PredictorPro (v2.80) Predicts Stock Market. Example
Attrasoft PolyNet (v4.00) Simulates Polytomous Boltzmann machine  Example
Attrasoft MidiFinder (v4.30) Search for sound based on sample sound. Example
DecisionMaker for Windows 95/98 (v2.50) Making decisions based on massive database, and predicts/forecasts events. Example
Attrasoft ChartFinder Search Charts, classify charts Example
ABM (Attrasoft Boltzmann Machine) (v2.70) Simulates neural networks (Binary Boltzmann Machine). Example

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