Image tagging /Indexing

Video tagging /Indexing

Image Recognition Related Phone Apps.

Mini-AttraSeek Hosting Service

Customized Mini-AttraSeek

Video Search, Video copyright verification

TV Advertisement Statistics

ID Image Duplication Verification

Live Video Monitoring

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What is it?

Image Index

Automatically generates keywords for images.

Video Index

Automatically generates keywords for video frames.

Mini-AttraSeek Hosting Service

Maintaining the Mini-AttraSeek is a job. A customer might simply ask AttraSeek, Inc. to manage the entire image search engine. Order Now!

Customized Mini-AttraSeek

  • Variation of images such as scale, rotation, flipping, lighting condition(s),

  • Different data acquisition devices (camera vs. scanner),

  • Catalog images vs. operation images, etc.,

  • Searching for an object in an image,

  • A different web interface,

  • A document image search,

  • Fine-tuning internal parameters or programming,

  • Emphasizing speed, i.e. it can search a large amount of images very fast,

  • Licensing the technology.

Video Search

  • Search for a video clip from a video library.

  • Search for an object specified by an image segment in a video library.

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ID Image Duplication Verification

  • Identify a person with multiple IDs from scaned ID images.

Live Video Monitoring

  • Home Video Surveillance: see results of 10 hours of surveillance video in 10 seconds.

  • A camera pointing at a steady and fixed location, and issues an alert when something enters the picture.

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