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Data Mining




Attrasoft data mining software will use a large volume of historical data to make a prediction.

The more relevant data you have, the better the prediction will be.

Attrasoft has two data mining software

Data Mining Software



PredictorPro has 100,000 neurons.

Predictor has 10,000 neurons.

  • Predict indicators / indexes for strategic thinking & policy issues
  • Predict short & long term interest rates
  • Predict earnings & revenue of a company
  • Predict price fluctuations for merchandise
  • Predict commodity prices (ex., oil, corn, etc.)
  • Predict the Stock Market (Attrasoft Dow 5 beats Dow Jones

The question here is in a sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, ; what is next? The answer is 5.

Now think, you have a million numbers; what is next? It will not be so obvious.

Applications include Stock Market, Product pricing,

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Attrasoft DecisionMaker identifies patterns by analyzing overwhelming amounts of collected data.

Make decisions based on patterns found within your own data.

Many examples are built into the software.

Examples built into the software are:

  • Identify an item in  Forensic Science.*
  • Decide whether a patient has cancer*, heart disease*, thyroid disease*, or not, or how likely a patient is going to get heart disease.*

The question here is:

                        1            2            3

                        2            3            5

                        3            3            ?

The answer is 6.

Now think, you have a million numbers, what is next? It will not be so obvious.

Other Applications include:

  • Deciding the classification of a virus / bacteria.
  • Deciding how much a house*, or car is worth*.
  • Deciding regional merchandise price predictability based on your accumulated database.
  • .....

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