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Attrasoft was founded with the vision to produce image recognition software solutions. Attrasoft's sustainable competitive advantage is AME (Attrasoft Matching Engine), an internally developed algorithm.

Attrasoft Matching Engine (AME) technology is software that functions much like the human brain, in that it has the capability to learn, accumulate knowledge, and apply this knowledge to new situations. Through a combination of observations and adaptive pattern matching, Attrasoft Matching Engine (AME) has the capability of learning and drawing conclusions. Attrasoft, Inc. is a leading software developer in this field. 






From  1995 to 1998, Attrasoft developed and launched its' first off-the-shelf image recognition software, ImageFinder For Windows.





Attrasoft obtained its' first customized project from Advanced Biometrics, Inc.





From  2001 to 2004, Attrasoft implemented a sequence of customized projects in  rather diverse applications. Attrasoft clients include: Lockheed Martin (2002), Fluidigm (2003), CaseData (2004), PriceWaterhouseCoopers Demo Lab (2003), T-Mobile (2004), TNS (2004), ...





Attrasoft, through competitive bidding with competitors such as Lucent Technologies, closed multi-year, multi-national enterprise contract for use by a Fortune 1000 company. When the project is fully implemented, it will be a seven figure project. By allowing the user to compare thousands of images automatically, Attrasoft’s solution reduces the time, cost, and human error associated with manual image recognition.





Attrasoft's multi-year, multi-national enterprise project with the Fortune 1000 company (implemented in 2005) is deployed in a US production assembly line with complete customer satisfaction.



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