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Image Recognition Solution Development Procedure


(1) Set up the system (you can do that);

(2) Collect the data (you can do that);

(3) Preliminary Assessment via our off-the-shelf software, the ImageFinder.

  • You should get Identification Rates ranging from 60% to 89%.
    • The best rate, one of our customers (without any customization) was able to obtain, was an 89% Identification Rate.
  • Note: The off-the-shelf ImageFinder has 70 open parameters for users to adjust
    • which is the reason customers are only able to achieve Identification Rates ranging from 60% to 89%. 
  • Note: The ImageFinder itself has 3,000+ internal parameters which users have no access to;
    • customization is the process of adjusting these 3,000+ internal parameters for your specific image type;
    • this is where the high degree of accuracy for your specific image type is obtained.

 (4) Feasibility Project via Customized Stand-alone Software.

  • ATTRASOFT will develop a stand-alone software, which will address the special needs / requirements of your application.
  • This will allow you to show your upper management the practicality of a larger project.

(5) Programming Library in .Net;

(6) System Integration to your Production Line;

(7) Licensing & Annual Support.

  • One-time License:         2% of the project.
  • Annual License:             0.6% of the project
  • Annual Support:             20% of the project. (First                                                year will be required.)









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