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ImageFinder Service Packages


Service Level 0  


With ImageFinder Service Level 0

(i.e, comes with the purchase of an ImageFinder),

you can:

  • Get help for Installing & Running the software, such as how to obtain Microsoft .Net Framework and "J# .Net Redistributable".
  •  Get Help on how to operate the software by running examples in the ImageFinder & trying some of your own examples.
  •  Evaluate the ImageFinder & justify a Product / Service Development Opportunity to your organization based on this Preliminary Evaluation, if such a project is not already in place.
    • The Preliminary Evaluation is usually based on a few of your own images.
  •  Select a Service Package based on your needs.


Service Level 1


With ImageFinder Service  Level 1 ($1,000), you can:

  • Set an implementation roadmap based on dozens of past Attrasoft projects.
    • Attrasoft's development experience will specify the required work & map the shortest path to the System Integration;
    • most importantly, Attrasoft Services might prevent you from following a wrong path.
  •  Develop a Miniature Proof-of-Concept Demo using the ImageFinder for your internal justification purposes based on 100 images.
    • The 100 images should result in 10,000 comparisons in an N: N Matching;
    • thus promote confidence & gather internal support from your company.
  •  Define necessary performance requirements as defined by several variables in the ImageFinder.


Service Level 2


With ImageFinder Service  Level 2  ($5,000), in addition to Service  Level 1 , you can:

  • Get Help to finalize an implementation road map as more information is gathered.
  •  Develop a Feasibility Demo using the ImageFinder, which will specify all of the parameters to be used in the final product / services. 
    • 1,000 images will be used in the Feasibility Demo, resulting in 1,000,000 comparisons in an N: N Matching.


Service Level 3


With ImageFinder Service Level 3 ($10,000/year), in addition to Service Level 2  you can:

  •  Get continuous Consultation Help from Attrasoft throughout your entire Development Phase,
    • from device setup, data collection, layered approach, up to the System Integration, ensuring smooth development.



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