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Feasibility Phase


What is the Feasibility Phase?


The Feasiblily / Proof-of-Concept Project Phase is designed to minimize our customer’s risk,

  • i.e. before the main project gets started, an extensive Feasibility Study is done to reduce the chance of failure as low as humanly possible.

The features of this project are: 

(1) The Proof-of-Concept (Feasibility) project is designed to answer one simple question; can the job be done?

  • At the end of this project, a client knows for sure the job can be done, & then focuses on how it will be done along with other business issues. 

(2) The Proof-of-Concept (Feasibility) project uses the Fixed Price Project Model; i.e., the price is not based on non-recurring engineering hours.

  • A typical Proof-of-Concept (Feasibility) project will take hundreds of non-recurring engineering hours. 

(3) The Proof-of-Concept (Feasibility) project indicates the client is committed to the next phase, but the client is not obligated to go to the next phase.

(4) The Proof-of-Concept (Feasibility) project is not Attrasoft’s goal; it is simply a path to move to the Main Contract stage.

(5) The Proof-of-Concept (Feasibility) project, in general, will not deal with the client’s technology

  • (i.e., software, applications, web interface, quality control process, ideas related to development of technology, database, ..)

except for the client’s data which is covered by the NDA 

(6) Major business issues will usually not be negotiated at this phase, because  the client has not committed to go on to the Main Contract phase at this juncture.












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