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I. What is TransApplet?

  ImageFinder for Windows is an off-the-shelf Application Software that enables System Integrators, Solution Developers, and Individuals to quickly test their own Image Recognition ideas.

 TransApplet is a developer tool (.Net Class Library) that enables System Integrators, Solution Developers, and Individuals to quickly add Image Recognition capability to their products and services. It is the software library used to create the ImageFinder.

 With the Attrasoft products, you obtain the essential building blocks required to offer Image Recognition products and service - such as Verification (1:1 Matching), Identification (1:N Matching), Search, Counting, Processing, Signature, ... Attrasoft provides these essential software components plus customized solutions with many enhancements such as High Accuracy Rates, faster Recognition Speed, ...

 II. ImageFinder Family?

The ImageFinder family has several members:

  •  ImageFinder
  •  ImageFinder for Dos
  •  TransApplet
  • ImageHunt
  • PolyApplet

Attrasoft Software Structure consists of three layers:  

  •  Application Layer  
  •  Translation Layer  
  •  Attrasoft Matching Engine (AME) Layer (Neural Network Layer)  

Within this Structure:


 ImageFinder is a standalone software.

 ImageFinder for Dos is the Application-Layer programming tool.

 TransApplet is the Presentation Layer programming tool.

 ImageHunt is the ImageFinder for the Internet.

 PolyApplet  is AME Layer programming tool.

III. Where Should I Start?

(1) You should start with the ImageFinder. Click here as your starting place with the ImageFinder 6.0.  

(2) Once you have solved your image recognition problem with the standalone software ImageFinder 6.0, you can move to the programming tool, the TransApplet.  

V. Order  

Online Order, Mail Delivery: http://attrasoft.com/gs.html

Mail Order:  



    P. O. Box 13051

    Savannah, GA. 31406



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