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27.1  Why ImageHunt? 
27.2  Design 
27.3 Web Server 
27.4 Install 
27.5 Web Project 
27.6 Step 1 
27.7 Step 2 
27.8 Step 3 
27.9 DOS Class 
27.10 Step 4 
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27.   Introduction To ImageHunt

We will briefly introduce the Attrasoft ImageHunt in this chapter. Attrasoft ImageHunt is an Internet Image Search Engine. The ImageHunt is the Internet version of the ImageFinder.

Unlike the ImageFinder, the Internet Search Engine, by definition, does not bother users with complicated parameters; therefore, all the parameters in the ImageHunt must be fixed. The ImageFinder, however, will require customization for a particular problem, say logos, auto parts, documents, .

If you order the ImageHunt from Attrasoft, the following will be required:

        (1) Proof-Of-Concept (POC) Project. The POC project will tweak and fix the internal parameters for a particular problem.

        (2) ImageHunt License and Support.

If you plan to build the ImageHunt yourself, this chapter is for you:

        (1) Fix the ImageFinder parameters yourself;

        (2) The code for building the ImageHunt can be found in this chapter.

This chapter will:

  •    Introduce the ImageHunt;
  •    Introduce Asp.Net (Active Server Page);
  •    Introduce the ImageHunt programming.


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