10.4 Parameters
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10.4 Parameters 
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10.4   Parameters

The Reduction Filter parameters are:

 Segment-Cut Button

      Use the “Segment-Cut” button to shape the segment considered by the ImageFinder. The Segment-Cut parameter ranges from 0 to 12. This parameter deals with the edges of segments in the images. The larger this parameter is, the smaller the segment the ImageFinder will use. The possible settings of this parameter in the user interface are: 0, 1, 2, .., and 12.

Size-Cut Button

      Use the "Size-Cut" button to limit the dimensions of images to be searched. In some applications, the users only want to search images of certain dimensions and ignore other images. The dimension setting ranges from 0 to 9.

      •    If the setting is 0, this parameter will be ignored.
      •    If the parameter is 1, then the longest edge of the image to be considered must be at least 100, but less than 199.
      •    If the parameter is 2, then the longest edge of the image to be considered must be at least 200, but less than 299, …

Border Cut

      Use the “Border-Cut” button to ignore the sections of the image near the borders. The Border-Cut parameter ranges from 0 (no cut) to 9 (18% border cut). The possible settings in the user interface are: 0, 1, 2, .., and 9. Assume an image is (0,0; 1,1); setting Border-Cut to 1 means the ImageFinder will look at the section (0.02, 0.02; 0.98, 0.98); setting Border-Cut to 2 means the ImageFinder will look at the section (0.04, 0.04; 0.96, 0.96); … .

Look-At Area

      The “Look-At Area” is the area the ImageFinder will use. A 100x100 window specifies a whole image. In the Integer-Reduction, the actual area can be less than 100x100.  The Look-At Area is specified by 4 numbers:

          (x, y, w, h)

      (x, y) are the coordinates of the upper-left corner and (w, h) are the width and height of the Look-At Window.


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