18.1  Overview
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18.1  Overview 
18.2  Preprocessing 
18.3 Processing 
18.4 Normalization Filter 
18.5 BioFilter 
18.6 Neural Filters 
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18.1   Overview

Attrasoft ImageFinder can:

  •    Match whole images;
  •    Match a portion of an image.

When matching a portion of an image, similar images are defined as images containing the sample segments, or:

  •    Translated segments;
  •    Rotated segments;
  •    Scaled segments;
  •    Rotated & Scaled segments;
  •    Brighter or Darker segments.

To match an image, the ImageFinder pushes the image through many filters. For example, a set of filters could be:

        Preprocessing Filters

        Edge Filters

        Threshold Filters

        Clean-Up Filters

        Reduction Filters

        Unsupervised Filters



        NeuralNet Filters

Many parameters and options of the ImageFinder are hidden. The users have only limited control of the parameters. Still, the ImageFinder has many parameters, which can be adjusted by users.

The ImageFinder for Windows has 70 open parameters for the user to adjust for their particular image type. You should get Identification Rates ranging from 60% to 89%; this is because the off-the-shelf ImageFinder only has 70 open parameters for users to adjust. The best rate, one of our customers (without any customization) was able to obtain, was an 89% Identification Rate.


However, the ImageFinder itself has 3000+ internal parameters, which the users have no access to at all. Fine-tuning these 3000+ internal parameters is called customization, which is Attrasoft’s area of expertise. If you need increased accuracy beyond what you are able to achieve when using the ImageFinder for Windows, then customization will provide you with Your desired level of accuracy (ranging from 95% to 99.9%).

If you need a customized version of the ImageFinder, please contact imagefinder@attrasoft.com  .

In a typical search, you will set these parameters and leave the other parameters with default values.

Click the “Parameter” button; you will see Figure 18.1, where you can set the parameters.

Figure 18.1  Parameter Window.


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