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1.1 TransApplet 
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1.1   What is TransApplet?

Attrasoft TransApplet for Windows is a .Net Class Library that enables the addition of Image Recognition capability to products & services.  

1.1.1   ImageFinder

Before you continue, you should be familiar with the Attrasoft ImageFinder for two reasons:

  •    Learn the structure of the Attrasoft Image Recognition Approach;
  •    Learn the ImageFinder software.

The TransApplet will:

  •    Introduce the class library, “Attrasoft.TransApplet70”, used in the ImageFinder.
  •    As a teaching tool, the TransApplet will show you how to build an ImageFinder via C# .Net.

Therefore, if you have not learned the ImageFinder, you should start with the ImageFinder now.

1.1.2   ImageFinder Family

The ImageFinder family has several members:

  •    ImageFinder
  •    TransApplet
  •    PolyApplet

To understand why there are three members in the ImageFinder family, we need to understand the Attrasoft software Structure, which consists of three layers:  

  •    Application Layer  
  •    Translation Layer  
  •    Attrasoft Matching Engine (AME) Layer (Neural Network Layer)  


  •    The Application Layer is the graphical user interface layer.
  •    The Translation Layer deals with images & videos, and formats this application data for the next layer.
  •    The AME Layer will do the image matching, which is independent of the type of data used. For example, the voice data, image data, text data, and numerical data will all be treated equally. The AME Layer is the same layer used in other Attrasoft products.

Within this structure:

  •    ImageFinder  is a standalone software.
  •    TransApplet  is the Presentation Layer programming tool, which also includes the PolyApplet.
  •    PolyApplet  is the AME Layer programming tool.

Each of the three software has to be purchased separately. The TransApplet does include the PolyApplet.


Figure 1.1  Attrasoft Component-Object Structure.

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