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1.3   Installing the TransApplet

Copying the “CD:\transapplet70” to the C-driver will complete the installation. After copying, you should have both the Library Files and the Chapter Example.

1.3.1   Attrasoft.Transapplet70 Class Library

The TransApplet library has the following dll files:



Each Library has one main class, which has the same name as the Library-name:



The advantage of naming the class-name as the library-name is that you will know what to use, i.e.

  •    if you go to Library, “Attrasoft.transapplet70.Batch70”, use Batch70 class;
  •    if you go to Library, “Attrasoft.transapplet70.BioFilter70”, use BioFilter70 class, …

There is no guessing which class you should choose if the Library has more than one class.

The disadvantage is that the compiler will not be able to distinguish between the class-name and the Library-name unless you use the full name.

For example:

  •    “Attrasoft.transapplet70.Batch70” is a Library; and
  •    “Attrasoft.transapplet70.Batch70.Batch70” is a class.

Batch70 alone is not understandable by the C# compiler. To declare an object, you must use the full path:

    Attrasoft.transapplet70.Batch70.Batch70 ba70.

1.3.2   Chapter Examples

Each chapter has a project. Many chapters can share the same project. Their projects provide an integration source code so you can cut and paste to produce your own application.

1.3.3   Linking the TransApplet

To link to these Libraries:

  •    Start C# project;
  •    Right click References in Solution Explorer and select Add Reference;
  •    Click Browse Button;
  •    Select “c:\transapplet70\*.dll” files;
  •    Click the “OK” button.

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