3.12 Customization
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3.12 Customization 
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3.12   Customized Software

Chapter 26, ImageFinder for Dos, introduces the DOS version of the ImageFinder. ImageFinder for Dos is command line software that enables System Integrators, Solution Developers, and Individuals to make a quick & dirty system integration to test their product prototypes and services.

Chapter 27, Attrasoft ImageHunt Web Application, introduces an Internet version of the ImageFinder. ImageHunt is the ImageFinder for Windows with a web interface. If you need the ImageFinder for Windows, you might need the ImageFinder for Web at some point.  Unlike the ImageFinder, the Internet Search Engine, by definition, does not bother users with complicated parameters; therefore, all the parameters in the ImageHunt must be fixed. The cost for such convenience is that each ImageHunt is limited to a particular type of application, i.e. the ImageHunt will require customization for a particular problem, say logos, auto parts, documents, .

Chapter 28, Development Process, introduces the Image Recognition Implementation Process using the TransApplet.


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