14.3 Training Design
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14.3   Training Design

Training teaches the ImageFinder what to look for. The BioFilter training requires two files, t1.txt and match.txt:

  •    T1.txt is the signature file, which contains many signatures. Each image is converted into a signature.
  •    Match.txt is a list of matching pairs. This file will teach the ImageFinder who will match with whom.

These two file names, t1.txt and match.txt, for training are fixed for users; users cannot change the names of these two files. Users obtain t1.txt through the signature computation process discussed in earlier chapters. Users have to prepare match.txt for each problem.

The match.txt looks like this:


      1   L01008gi_r90        L01008gi-020501

      2   L01008KEY_m L01008key-082301_m

      3   L010103C        L010103C-081502_m

      4   L01010co_m      L01010CODE_m

      5   L010163C_m      L010163C-083100_m

Line 1 is the number of matches in this file. This match file indicates images, L01008gi_r90, will match with image, L01008gi-020501. Each line has the following format:

      Number, tab, filename, tab, filename.


      You MUST have a tab between the three columns;

      The file names do not contain “.jpg”.

There are two common errors:

      (1) The Tab is replaced by a space;

      (2) The number of rows is less than the first number in the file.

Once you get the two files prepared, click “BioFilter\Training\Training” to train the BioFilter. (Figure 14.1)


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