4.1 Signature
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4.1 Signature 
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4.1   Signature

Whole Image Matching is done through Image Signature. An image has a set of computed values called features. A collection of features is grouped into a signature.

This section introduces Image Signature interface. An Image Signature consists of the following attributes:


      Name (For example, xyz.jpg)

      Path (c:\abc\)



The interface for Image Signature is:

      public interface I_ImageSignature


              int getStatus ();

              string getID();

              string getImageName ();

              string getImagePath();

              string getAbsolutePath ();

              int getNumberOfAttributes ();

              int [] getSignatureAttributes();

              int getSignatureAttributes (int index);

              string toString ();



The following table lists the functions.




int getStatus ()    

Returns the status associated with the signature.


1: signature ready.

0: signature not ready.

-1: no image

-2: image segmentation specification error

-3: other error.

string getID()  

Returns the ID associated with the signature.

Output: image ID.

string getImageName ()  

Returns the image name associated with the signature.

Output: image name.

string getImagePath()   

Returns the image path associated with the signature.

Output: image path.

string getAbsolutePath ()   

Returns the absolute path associated with the signature.

Output: image absolute path.

int getNumberOfAttributes ()    

Returns the number of attributes associated with the signature.

Output: number of attributes.

int [] getSignatureAttributes() 

Returns the attribute array associated with the signature.

Output: attribute array.

int getSignatureAttributes() (int index)    

Returns the attribute associated with the input index.

Input: index.

Output: attribute associated with the input index.

string toString ()  

Returns the entire image signature as a string with fields separated by Tab.



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