4.5 ImageLibrary
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4.5   ImageLibrary

Dynamic Library allows the library (N images in a 1:N Matching) to be updated via insertion, deletion, and update.

The interface for Image Library filter is:

      public interface I_ImageLibrary


              string getLibraryID ();

              bool setLibraryID (string x);


              bool load ();

              bool load ( string fileName);

              bool load ( string fileName1,  string fileName2);


              bool print ( );


              bool clear();


              bool backup ();

              bool backup (string fileName);


              bool addSignature (ImageSignature sig);


              bool deleteSignature (ImageSignature sig);

              bool deleteSignature (string ID);

              bool replaceSignature (ImageSignature sig);

              bool mergeLibrary (string libFile1, string libFile2, string outputLib);



The following table lists the functions.



int getLibraryID () 

Gets the Library ID (optional).

void setLibraryID (string x)    

Sets the Library ID (optional).

bool load ()    

Loads the default master library, lib1.txt.

bool load ( string fileName)    

Loads master library specified by fileName.

bool load ( string fileName1,  string fileName2)    

Loads two libraries specified by fileName1 and fileName2.

bool clear()    

Clears the current library from RAM only.

bool backup ()  

Saves current library to the default file, lib1_bk.txt.

bool backup (string fileName)   

Saves current library to a back file.

bool addSignature (ImageSignature sig)  

Adds a signature to a loaded image library in RAM.

bool deleteSignature (ImageSignature sig)   

Deletes a signature from a loaded image library in RAM.

bool deleteSignature (string ID)    

Deletes a signature from a loaded image library in RAM.



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