4.6 Matching Engine
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4.6   Matching Engine

The Unsupervised Filter, the BioFilter, and the NeuralFilter all have their own matching engine. The interface is basically identical. In this section, we introduce the Neural Filter Matching Engine.

The interface for Neural Filter Matching Engine is:

      public interface I_MatchingEngine


               int getLowCut();

               void setLowCut(int x);


              int getHighCut();

               void setHighCut(int x);


              void setNeuralOutputType(int x);

               int getNeuralOutputType();


               void setThreshold(int x);

               int getThreshold();


                void setSensitivity(int x);

                int getSensitivity();


                void setBlurring(int x);

                int getBlurring();


                void setUseRelativeScore(int x);

                int getUseRelativeScore();


              bool setLibrary  (Attrasoft.TransApplet70.ImageLibrary70.ImageLibrary lib);

               bool setSignature  (Attrasoft.TransApplet70.ImageSignature70.ImageSignature sig);

        bool setNFTraining   (Attrasoft.TransApplet70.MatchingEngineTraining70.MatchingEngineTraining70 a_1);


        bool setBFTraining  (Attrasoft.TransApplet70.MatchingEngineTrainingBF70.MatchingEngineTrainingBF70 bf70_1);

              Attrasoft.TransApplet70.Results_1N.Results_1N findMatch11

                    ( Attrasoft.TransApplet70.ImageSignature70.ImageSignature sig1,

                    Attrasoft.TransApplet70.ImageSignature70.ImageSignature sig2);


              Attrasoft.TransApplet70.Results_1N.Results_1N  findMatch ();

              Attrasoft.TransApplet70.Results_1N.Results_1N findMatch

        (Attrasoft.TransApplet70.ImageSignature70.ImageSignature sig);



The following table lists the functions.



int getLowCut()

void setLowCut(int x)        

int getHighCut()

void setHighCut(int x)     

void setNeuralOutputType(int x)

int getNeuralOutputType()

void setThreshold(int x)

int getThreshold()

void setSensitivity (int x)

int getSensitivity()

void setBlurring (int x)

int getBlurring()      

void setUseRelativeScore(int x)

int getUseRelativeScore()    

Gets and Sets matching engine parameters.

bool setLibrary(ImageLibrary lib)   

Sets the library to be used in matching signatures.

bool setSignature(ImageSignature sig)   

Sets the signature for matching.

bool setNFTraining (MatchingEngineTraining70 a_1)

bool setBFTraining (MatchingEngineTrainingBF70 bf70_1) 

Sets the training objects for matching.

Results_1N findMatch11 (ImageSignature sig1, ImageSignature sig2);  

Gets 1:1 match results for sig1 and sig2.

Results_1N  findMatch ()    

Gets the match results for the signature, sig, specified by function,

setSignature(ImageSignature sig)

Output:   Results_1N.

Results_1N findMatch (ImageSignature sig)   

Gets the match results for the signature, sig.

Input:   ImageSignature sig;

Output:   Results_1N.




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